Renewing Our Community of Faith Campaign

We at St. James are socially-minded Catholics who value every human being as a gift from God. We cherish our traditions and sacraments; and , provide our children an education that emphasizes out Catholic faith, exploration and openness. We take seriously our impact on the environment and the need to sustain our community and world for subsequent generations. We combine our strengths and unique perspectives to work collectively to achieve the mission of our parish and serve one another and out community. 

How You Can Help

For more than 100 years we have been blessed with a strong family of faith. We now take this very important step of approaching you, our congregation, to seek your support for Renewing Our Community of Faith. Recognizing that all of our treasures are gifts from God, we are asked in the Gospel to give back part of the gifts in thanksgiving for God's generosity and goodness to us. 

St. James School
Promoting Spiritual Renewal through our Physical Environment
Campaign Objectives

*Pew & Kneeler Replacement

* New Baptistery

* Church, Chapel & Vestibule Flooring Replacement

* Reupholster Chairs in Church & Chapel

* Video Projection System

*Chapel Stained Glass Lighting Repair

* Repaint Exterior & Clean Brick Wall

*Memorial Center Exterior Repainting

*Water Fountain Improvements

*Landscape Back Parking Area

*Technology Upgrades

*Memorial Center Appliance Replacment

*Repair Parking Lots & Play Areas

*Refurbish Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine

*Kitchen Renewal

*Interior Renovations

*Dry Rot Repair

*Window/Door Replacement

*New Carpet/Flooring

*Repainting Exterior

Rectory Renewal - Projected Cost: $246,000

As residence and place of respite for our parish priests, our rectory just like your own home requires attention - to maintain its livability. It has been several years since any improvements were undertaken to the rectory, thus today it requires considerable remediation, to enhance the comfort of our clergy and protect our investment. Renewing Our Community of Faith will fund: 

Solar Array & Energy Efficiency - Projected Cost: $531,500

Renewing Our Community Faith  seeks to reduce our carbon footprint-harnessing the Valley's abundant sunshine, drawing energy from an array of solar panels Slated for installation atop newly constructed covered parking area, the solar array will light our parish facilities, offsetting more than $61, 000 in annual utility expenditures. 

Mirroring the new solar array are planned improvements in energy efficiency of our parish campus. Our plan entails replacing fluorescent and incandescent lighting with LEDs; motion sensors; retrofitting outdoor lighting; and, other energy-saving initiatives. 

A loan from the Diocese of Sacramento is financing the solar array and energy efficiencies. Proceeds from  Renewing Our Community of Faith are allocated to retire our debt by early 2021, thus avoiding $57,500 in interest expense had repayment been extended over the loan's scheduled ten year term.  

School Renewal - Projected Cost $330,000

Renewing Our Community Faith  will support advancements to the long-range vision for St. James School. Our Vision entails curriculum enhancements; expanded educational resources for school faculty; and, facility improvements providing our students the tools and resources to meet the demands of tomorrow. 

Renewing Our Community Faith will invest $330,000 over the next three years with proceeds earmarked for building a small group/collaborative learning center; expansion/re-purposing for the faculty/administration center; renovation of junior high school restrooms; building a covered walkway; and roof/gutter replacement. 

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St. James Catholic Church is a community united by faith in God and nourished by Jesus through both the Word and the Eucharist. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we share the message of hope, mercy, and love. We seek justice and righteousness for all through prayer, faith formation, evangelization, stewardship, fellowship, and social justice. We welcome all to the joyous celebration of our Faith. 

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