Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults

( RCIA) classes,& registration, will begin soon! See the bulletin and listen for announcements for when we are tabling after mass. 

Meetings are held each Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. in Asmundson room of the St. James Memorial Center.


The RCIA process is for adults who are interested in becoming Catholic or who would like to become baptized, receive first communion and/or become confirmed in the faith. No prior religious training or background is required – just a sincere interest in taking a first step toward becoming Catholic and a willingness to learn about our faith during weekly sessions.

If you only need confirmation, please bring a copy of your baptismal certificate with you (If you don't have a copy, notify your parish where you were baptized). Please, choose a sponsor to attend the classes with you. If you do not have sponsor, we have a list of St. James community members that would like to meet, sponsor and journey with you. 


The RCIA team needs sponsors and prayer buddies, so if you can serve, please let us know.


For more information or questions contact Maria Saldana at rcia@stjamesdavis.net or ext 207 (English/Spanish) 

¿Interesados en juntar la Iglesia Católica?

Ven con nosotros en el camino para aprender más sobre el fe Católico como en salón de clase.  Clases y registración para.


Clases se juntarán cada Miércoles a las   El horario de RICA estará listo durante registración.


Si solo necesitas la confirmación, por favor nos trae tu certificado bautismal contigo (si no tienes una copia, avisa a la parroquia donde fuiste bautizado).  Elige un padrino para ir a clases contigo.  Si no tienes un padrino, tenemos una lista de miembros de la comunidad de St. James quien les gustaría conocerte, patrocinarte, y viajar contigo en el camino de RICA.


Para información o preguntas, llama a Maria Saldaña-Seibert,  o manda correo electrónico a rcia@stjamesdavis.net o (530) 756-3636 ext 207. (ingles o español)

St. James Catholic Church is a community united by faith in God and nourished by Jesus through both the Word and the Eucharist. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we share the message of hope, mercy, and love. We seek justice and righteousness for all through prayer, faith formation, evangelization, stewardship, fellowship, and social justice. We welcome all to the joyous celebration of our Faith. 

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