The Arise Prayer


Gracious God and Father,

  we enter into your presence

  realizing you know us better

  than we know ourselves.

You know the cares and sufferings

  we carry in our own hearts.


You call us to holiness

  and we trust you to lead us

  together on our journey

  to be a renewed Church,

  for with you all things are possible.


Create us anew in Jesus Christ

  your Son.

Liberate us from all that keeps us

  from you.

Heal us from every form

  of sin and violence.


Transform us to live your Word

  more profoundly.

Awaken us to the sacred;

  rebuild trust among us.

Enliven our parishes;

  reunite our families.


May your Holy Spirit empower us

  to live as a community of love,

  freed to share in your work

  of recreating our world

  and restoring justice.


We believe you are doing

  something new,

  calling us to arise together in Christ

  to celebrate the fullness of life.


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We are well into our third season of ARISE together in Christ. As we come together in our small groups to reflect and discuss the weekly scripture reading we are called to reflect on what God is calling us to do. As the hands and feet of Christ we are inspired through receiving the Holy Spirit during baptism to build up God’s kingdom. The ARISE prayer states “May your Holy Spirit empower us to live as a community of love, free to share in your work of recreating our world and restoring justice.” Our journey together in Christ continues. Thank you for your continued participation, support and prayers.

Arise Leaders are needed! 

Leaders are very important to the success of ARISE in your parish. All potential leaders should view the Sowing Seeds/Essentials for Small Group Leaders webinar which can be found at the following  link:    This webinar provides an excellent background for the upcoming training and is worth revisiting for those who have served as group leaders during the past two seasons.

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