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During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic I request prayers for all who are suffering and that the financial needs of our parish and parishioners are met.


Pope Francis recently reminded us we will survive this coronavirus situation by sticking together.  He invites us to live this moment with humility, penance, compassion and hope, and to demonstrate our solidarity with others; especially those who suffer.


Yes, these are dark times for many of us. Yet our faith commends us to not be consumed by fear, insecurity, and anxiety. As followers of Jesus, we put our trust in God who, in the power of the Holy Spirit, sends us to be about God’s mission of restoration, reconciliation and wholeness in the face of brokenness, alienation, and illness.


Now is the time for us to be the Church that God wants us and needs us to be. 

Here at St. James our vibrant ministries, faith formation and Catholic education have been severely disrupted by the pandemic. Limitations on weekend Mass participation have impacted our sense of community with a concurrent reduction of 25% in parish income.


Understandably, this has placed a tremendous strain on our ability to operate and maintain our parish facilities.


So, my friends today I humbly ask for your generous financial support. For those having reduced or suspended contributions to our parish please resume your ongoing support. For those having not been impacted by COVID-19 and are in a position to do so, I ask your consideration of increasing your support. And, for those presently unable to contribute, please pray for all of us and a future of vibrant liturgy, ministry and service to our Community of Faith. 

May God grant us a reprieve from this terrible illness through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Apostles, and through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. 

~YOUR generosity is appreciated~

St. Vincent De Paul Society Assistance Line: (530) 979-4338

For more information CLICK HERE

  Weekly Masses

on YouTube

Misa dominical 1/17/2021

12:00  pm

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 1/17/2021

8:00 am

10:00 am

Daily Masses

~Daily Masses are available LIVE on our YouTube channel at 7:00 am Monday-Friday and 8:00 am Saturdays~


  • If you would like to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) please call the office for an appointment 530-756-3636.

  • The Pastoral Offices are currently closed for visitors. However, we are in the office for drop-offs, phone calls and available to help you however we can during the current pandemic. During this time we are in the office from 8am to 3pm only. Calls after 3pm  will be answered the next day.  Sign ups for the weekend Masses can fill quickly, however  you are welcome to  call the office to sign up. 


 The office is closed on the  weekends.

Practicing Humility in Difficult times.j


New Virtual Coffee Hour

After our 8am Sunday livestream Mass, join us in fellowship with each other in a virtual coffee hour via Zoom to meet and talk with fellow parish members. There will be discussion questions to guide the conversation. We need to stay connected in our community now more than ever, and we hope to see you there! Please contact Sophia Fricke with any questions at


Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 853 0292 3601
Passcode: stjames


Let us know if you have any questions:

Thank you very much! 



Resolutions for the New Year 2021

-Believe that we are all children of a loving God; Love God with all our hearts; love our enemies and love ourselves; Thank God and Praise God daily; Understand and accept forgiveness; Be in service to others; Be strength to each other; Trust God; Keep joy in our hearts.

--I pray: “God I love you. God I need you. God I cannot do my life on my own.” I believe that we all have travelled through this different year of 2020 with God at our side, helping us cope and persevere, giving us hope, giving us strength.

--This pandemic has caused many people to feel isolated and abandoned. The Mass is something the priest does with the people – it is a social experience. At home we join ourselves spiritually in our common prayer during celebration of a virtual Mass. During the Mass we are gathered into one body by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Incarnate is God’s gift to us. Self-giving is at the heart of all that Jesus does for us. Eucharist is the sacrament of love, the sacrament of hope. We are invited to entrust ourselves into God’s merciful hands. The Eucharist is inexhaustible at what it offers us at different moments in our life whether we partake of it at Mass or spiritually at home. Thank you God for your great gifts!


--Have you ever had a block in your life that kept you from moving forward? Trust Jesus to help us roll away the stones in our lives – those things that cause us fear, anxiety and discouragement. Do not put limits on God – we may have some big obstacles in our lives but we serve a Big God! I pray: “God research my heart, help me to find the right way. God help me to listen to your voice.”


--No one is perfect – we are all works in progress. If we feel we are a mistake of God – that would be God’s first mistake and God makes no mistakes. Our challenge is to keep growing and not put ourselves down for our mistakes. God is a God of mercy, love and compassion – not a God of anger and wrath. He shows mercy and love for all people and He wants us to do likewise.


--The voice of God is in each of our hearts – listen for it.


May God continue to bless all the St. James Parish Family and all our loved ones, with peace, health and an abundance of His graces this coming year.

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A first-of-its-kind app for iOS and Android devices, myParish helps build stronger Catholic communities and better engage the New Evangelization.  A great resource for Parishioners to keep up to date with church events and notifications as well as prayers, readings, and reflections in their pocket at all times. 




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Diocesan News:

November 21, 2020

Dispensation from the Bishop

Bishop Soto has  granted a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday for those members of the Faithful who are sixty years of age and older as well as those suffering vulnerable health conditions. 

Due to new instructions provided by State and local public health officials, this decree is now extended to include all members of the Catholic Faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday.  This dispensation will continue until further notice.  

Decree of Dispensation English 

Decree of Dispensation Spanish

November 21, 2020

ICP Registration

The Diocese of Sacramento is joining those in Los Angeles, Fresno,  Orange, San Bernadino and San Diego in a program that brings compensation and justice to those who were sexually abused as minors by diocesan priests. All claims, regardless of how long ago they may have occurred, will be considered by the program. The ICP is independent, outside the control of any diocese. For more information, including how to submit a claim, please visit Let us always remember to pray for the victims of priest sexual abuse. As their pain is ongoing, so must our prayers for them be.

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