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St. James Parish 

St. James Catholic Church offers several ways for our parishioners to continue to help support our programs, church, priests, and our community. 

Bill Pay is a safe way to add a recurring or one time donation to our parish. If you use Bill Pay, please include a memo if it is not for the Sunday collection; such as building fund, Migrant ministry, St. Vincent dePaul, etc. 

 If you have any questions or would like more information on Bill Pay and how it works, please do not hesitate to contact Pattie at 530-756-3636 x 200, Michelle at 530-756-3636 x 205 or your bank.

Below are two other ways to donate to our Parish:  

~YOUR generosity is appreciated~

St. Vincent De Paul Society Assistance Line: (530) 979-4338

For more information CLICK HERE


May 30, 2020

Bishop's Announcement

Bishop Jaime Soto has shared a new message to the Faithful about our reopening plans in the Diocese of Sacramento:


"The Catholic community in the Diocese of Sacramento will be able to celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus Christi, around the sacred altars of their parish churches on Sunday, June 14th. I am lifting the heartbreaking suspension of public celebrations of the Sacrifice of the Mass starting on Monday, June 8th. This will help pastors ready the churches for the glorious Feast of Corpus Christi. Parishes that are prepared to implement all the necessary public health protocols may begin offering Mass with the Faithful on June 8th."


The public guidelines recently shared for resuming public celebrations of the Mass have been updated to reflect our continued work with public health officials. The message to the faithful, a video, and the updated guidelines are available on our website:


English: https://www.scd.org/comingback

Spanish: https://www.scd.org/volviendo

May 30, 2020

Faith Formation

Faith Formation Registration for 2020-2021 begins in June: 


Registration for continuing students will begin in the next weeks. Please ensure you complete the curriculum prior to registering for the next term. An email with link and instructions will be emailed to you directly. There are some slight changes in the Registration process. Any questions, feel free to email me. Although we’re not in the office, the catechists and I are available online.

June - New Student Registration will begin for St James parishioners. Please provide copies of your child’s birth, baptism and First Communion certificate (if completed) at time of registration.  


July - New Students that live outside of Davis boundaries or Non parishioners. You will need an approval letter of transfer from the Pastor in your area. If you attended a religion class, also have a letter from the DRE what class you completed. These letters will need to be provided before you register. 


Sacramental classes -

Preparation is two years with First Communion starting at 1st grade and Confirmation at 7th grade. 



Rite of Christian Initiation for Children starts at 3rd - 11th gr;

Children 7+ y/o that have not been baptized or have not received first Communion attend 1st year age appropriate class then 2nd year Sacramental prep class.


Any questions regarding Religious Ed email Josephine Mislang at jmislang@stjamesdavis.net or Alma Ponce at  Faithformation@stjamesdavis.net

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 The Arise Prayer


Gracious God and Father,

  we enter into your presence

  realizing you know us better

  than we know ourselves.

You know the cares and sufferings

  we carry in our own hearts.


You call us to holiness

  and we trust you to lead us

  together on our journey

  to be a renewed Church,

  for with you all things are possible.


Create us anew in Jesus Christ

  your Son.

Liberate us from all that keeps us

  from you.

Heal us from every form

  of sin and violence.


Transform us to live your Word

  more profoundly.

Awaken us to the sacred;

  rebuild trust among us.

Enliven our parishes;

  reunite our families.


May your Holy Spirit empower us

  to live as a community of love,

  freed to share in your work

  of recreating our world

  and restoring justice.


We believe you are doing

  something new,

  calling us to arise together in Christ

  to celebrate the fullness of life.


myParish App for Smart Phones


A first-of-its-kind app for iOS and Android devices, myParish helps build stronger Catholic communities and better engage the New Evangelization.  A great resource for Parishioners to keep up to date with church events and notifications as well as prayers, readings, and reflections in their pocket at all times. 




Click on the Icon 


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Download myParishApp

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or the App Store

Type in 95616 to help find St. James Parish


Mass Times:


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Diocesan News:

May 16, 2020

Dispensation from the Bishop

Bishop Soto has  granted a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday for those members of the Faithful who are sixty years of age and older as well as those suffering vulnerable health conditions. 

Due to new instructions provided by State and local public health officials, this decree is now extended to include all members of the Catholic Faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday.  This dispensation will continue until further notice.  

Decree of Dispensation English 

Decree of Dispensation Spanish

May 16, 2020

ICP Registration

On September 16, the Independent Compensation Program (ICP) will begin accepting registrations. The Diocese of Sacramento is joining those in Los Angeles, Fresno,  Orange, San Bernadino and San Diego in a program that brings compensation and justice to those who were sexually abused as minors by diocesan priests. All claims, regardless of how long ago they may have occurred, will be considered by the program. The ICP is independent, outside the control of any diocese. For more information, including how to submit a claim, please visit www.CaliforniaDiocesesICP.com. Let us always remember to pray for the victims of priest sexual abuse. As their pain is ongoing, so must our prayers for them be.

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