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Misa dominical 5/16/2021

12:00  pm

Ascension of the Lord 5/16/2021

8:00 am 

10:00 am

We have received updated guidelines from Bishop Soto in regards to holding Masses. We no longer will need to utilize the Sign-Up Genius. It will be first come, first serve. However, social distancing and other protocols are being observed, so please do come early to secure a seat. We will continue to livestream our Masses as we have in the past on our YouTube channel. Please be advised that if you have any flu-like symptoms, please do not attend any public worship services. Thank you and God Bless

Liturgical Guidelines

Fr. Rey & Fr. Dan's Priesthood Anniversary Celebration


Please help celebrate Fr. Rey Bersabal's 30th Anniversary and Fr. Dan Looney's 50th Anniversary of the Priesthood on June 12th after the 5:30pm Mass. All Covid-19 protocols will be followed. We will have a socially distanced reception with heavy appetizers in the Courtyard between St. James School and the Memorial Center, and the playground. Please RSVP by using the Signup Genius Link on our website by June 5th. This reception is funded by parishioners not by the parish so if you would like to make a donation please do so at the check-in/registrations station at the reception or call the office at 530-756-3636. 

Click Here to pre-register

How to support

St. James Parish 

During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic I request prayers for all who are suffering and that the financial needs of our parish and parishioners are met.


Pope Francis recently reminded us we will survive this coronavirus situation by sticking together.  He invites us to live this moment with humility, penance, compassion and hope, and to demonstrate our solidarity with others; especially those who suffer.


Yes, these are dark times for many of us. Yet our faith commends us to not be consumed by fear, insecurity, and anxiety. As followers of Jesus, we put our trust in God who, in the power of the Holy Spirit, sends us to be about God’s mission of restoration, reconciliation and wholeness in the face of brokenness, alienation, and illness.


Now is the time for us to be the Church that God wants us and needs us to be. 

Here at St. James our vibrant ministries, faith formation and Catholic education have been severely disrupted by the pandemic. Limitations on weekend Mass participation have impacted our sense of community with a concurrent reduction of 25% in parish income.


Understandably, this has placed a tremendous strain on our ability to operate and maintain our parish facilities.


So, my friends today I humbly ask for your generous financial support. For those having reduced or suspended contributions to our parish please resume your ongoing support. For those having not been impacted by COVID-19 and are in a position to do so, I ask your consideration of increasing your support. And, for those presently unable to contribute, please pray for all of us and a future of vibrant liturgy, ministry and service to our Community of Faith. 

May God grant us a reprieve from this terrible illness through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Apostles, and through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. 

~YOUR generosity is appreciated~

St. Vincent De Paul Society Assistance Line: (530) 979-4338

For more information CLICK HERE

Feast of Faith

The General Intercessions


The general intercessions were restored to the liturgy in the reforms that followed the Second Vatican Council. In these prayers— also known as the “universal prayer” or “prayer of the faithful”—the assembly prays for the Church, the world, and the local community. As the name “prayer of the faithful” reminds us, these intercessions are a privilege of the baptized, which is why any catechumens are dismissed before the Creed and the intercessions. In baptism, we become members of a royal priesthood, and what do priests do? They intercede; they pray. In standing to pray to God as a community, we are living out our royal priesthood. The intercessions at Mass usually follow a clear pattern, moving from general to specific needs. We pray for the whole Church. We pray for the world and for our nation. We pray for our local community, for those who have died and for all the sick and afflicted. In our united prayer, we reach beyond ourselves and our own needs and grow in awareness of and compassion for the needs of others.


—Corinna Laughlin, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co


  • If you would like to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) please call the office for an appointment 530-756-3636.

  • The Pastoral Offices are currently closed for visitors. However, we are in the office for drop-offs, phone calls and available to help you however we can during the current pandemic. During this time we are in the office from 8am to 3pm only. Calls after 3pm  will be answered the next day.  Sign ups for the weekend Masses can fill quickly, however  you are welcome to  call the office to sign up. 


 The office is closed on the  weekends.

Deacon Joe


Solemnity of the Annunciation, 2021




The Blessed Virgin Mary’s last words in the Gospel were directed to the servers at the wedding in Cana. Mary had advised Jesus the wine had run out. Mary said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.” When Mary, always perceptive of the social sensitivities of the hosts brought their situation to her son’s attention it may have startled Jesus who was focused on the recruitment of his apostles to follow him on his mission to restore the relationship between heaven and earth. Jesus initially responded to his mother, “My hour has not yet come”. Perhaps, after re-centering himself and further considering his mothers’ prodding in an expanded scope of his mission, he quickly turned to address the problem. While it is not recorded, it is expected that Jesus learned much about life through his parents’ Spirit-filled insights.


Thirty years earlier, Mary came to be the mother of Jesus when this startled virgin affirmed the angel Gabriel’s very unconventional annunciation with her fiat, “Let it be done to me according to your word.” This fiat implies trust, especially a trust that God in his mercy will work to bring us all to him in ways we do not understand. The Annunciation, celebrated on March 25th, 9 months before Christmas, exemplifies the humility and trust we are all called upon especially in this season of Lent as we prepare for the Solemnity of Easter. We need model saints like Mary who turned away from temptations of fear, self-pity, poor self-discipline and hopelessness; saints who trusted in God’s loving Providence. Mary’s life was formed by her Jewish spirituality. She had the righteousness of the Law in her heart. When the time came to listen to the Lord and do whatever he tells her, her humble Fiat brought Salvation into the world. We all play a role in bringing forth the Kingdom of God by listening and then taking action as Mary did. (It is no accident that the birth of Christ was announced through a woman and the Resurrection was first realized by women.)


Mary’s fiat represents the beginning of the New Covenant where Jesus would live with his people and establish his church and now she, the church, listens and prepares to be one with God.


--A question for today: Whom can I bless today with a compliment, support, a kind deed? Don’t miss opportunities to be good to people; make blessing others – your parent and grandparents, your spouse, your children, your neighbor, your co-worker, your pastor, the grocery clerk, etc. – a priority. Sow seeds of encouragement and kindness.


--When we give up control of our lives to God, we allow Him to enter our lives – we become open to the word of God. “God, you are the leader now.” Our conversion to God doesn’t end until we are in full union with God in heaven. By our Baptism we are called to forgive, to preach the good news, to heal, to respect life, to love life. We are called by Jesus to follow Him without turning back. At Mass end, we are called to “Go in peace, glorifying God by our life.” Our response is a resounding, “Thanks be to God” YES!


--We are all temples of the Holy Spirit and it is our job to take care of our “temple.” Adequate sleep and good nutrition, etc, can take care of our bodies; prayer, good works, reading the word of God and allowing ourselves to be touched by the word of God will nourish our souls. We feed our bodies three(3) meals each day

– our souls deserve more than a snack one time a week.


--The worse our sins are the more we deserve God’s mercy. Make some quiet time to sit and meditate before a crucifix and be astonished at God’s mercy to us. May our lives reflect God’s mercy and love to others.


--Spiritual rebirth allows us to see reality as Jesus does – to see the deeper reality of things, not just the surface – like looking at an X-ray of reality. We were created to help others – this is our mission in life. We can each be a positive force for good, a blessing to others who are hurting and disadvantaged. When we stand up for others who can’t stand up for themselves we are doing God’s work on earth. Get involved in something bigger than yourself and make a difference. God is always gracious to us –may we be the same to others.


--Read the “Acts of the Apostles” from start to finish. This book of the New Testament tells the story of the beginning and expansion of the Church. It has been called both “The Book of the Church” and “The Book of the Spirit.” The history of salvation begins with God who sends His Son to bring us salvation. The Eucharist has a unique place in the life of the Church. The Mass is made up of the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Imagine Jesus presiding at the Last Supper – there is one bread, one body. Jesus wants us to be one with Him. Christ comes to us in His self-giving death and His triumph over death. Eucharist is a life-giving gift. We lift up our hearts to God and give ourselves to Him in worship and praise.


--“Faith fills us with power we could never find on our own. It is a bridge between your heart and God.”


--Jason Blume --Life without Jesus is darkness. We are never alone – our Risen Lord always walks with us giving us courage and peace. When we are immersed in our problems we often fail to see the Lord in our lives – but our faith comforts us with the belief that God is with us giving us peace and strength. With God at our side we are witnesses to His love and light in the world. Offenses will no doubt happen to each of us but we need to be careful that these offenses and the people who inflict them in our lives don’t define our life. Forgiveness is powerful and God’s love is more than enough for us. Be good at forgiving and letting go. Don’t hold onto bitterness. Choose love and pray for those who have hurt us.


--Too often we try to determine our worth as a human being by what and how much we do, what others say and think about us, etc…. God, however, created us in His own image – we don’t have to try to convince anyone that we are good enough. Praise from people feeds our ego. Our value comes from being a child of God. Our mission is to build His kingdom on earth – not our egos.


--A final question: Am I fully committed to God who is calling me to Himself? I pray: “Dear God, I commit my life to following You – use me to help make the world a better place.”


May Almighty God bless the people of St. James Parish and all our dear ones with peace, joy, love and all the goodness of His creation.

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Diocesan News:

November 21, 2020

Dispensation from the Bishop

Bishop Soto has  granted a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday for those members of the Faithful who are sixty years of age and older as well as those suffering vulnerable health conditions. 

Due to new instructions provided by State and local public health officials, this decree is now extended to include all members of the Catholic Faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday.  This dispensation will continue until further notice.  

Decree of Dispensation English 

Decree of Dispensation Spanish

November 21, 2020

ICP Registration

The Diocese of Sacramento is joining those in Los Angeles, Fresno,  Orange, San Bernadino and San Diego in a program that brings compensation and justice to those who were sexually abused as minors by diocesan priests. All claims, regardless of how long ago they may have occurred, will be considered by the program. The ICP is independent, outside the control of any diocese. For more information, including how to submit a claim, please visit www.CaliforniaDiocesesICP.com. Let us always remember to pray for the victims of priest sexual abuse. As their pain is ongoing, so must our prayers for them be.

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