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A special message from our Pastor, Fr. Rey:


During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic I request prayers for all who are suffering and that the financial needs of our parish and parishioners are met.


Pope Francis recently reminded us we will survive this coronavirus situation by sticking together.  He invites us to live this moment with humility, penance, compassion and hope, and to demonstrate our solidarity with others; especially those who suffer.


Yes, these are dark times for many of us. Yet our faith commends us to not be consumed by fear, insecurity, and anxiety. As followers of Jesus, we put our trust in God who, in the power of the Holy Spirit, sends us to be about God’s mission of restoration, reconciliation and wholeness in the face of brokenness, alienation, and illness.


Now is the time for us to be the Church that God wants us and needs us to be.


Rather than live in fear, let us together approach this challenge in faith. We have an opportunity to model each other what a faith-filled and faithful response can be.  We must remain rational, reasoned and to approach this pandemic in a spirit of trust. It may well impact our families and the lives of those we love. Be careful. Be cautious. Be wise and practical in what you do. But do not live in fear.


What I do fear, more than COVID-19, is that will forget who we are and to whom we belong.


Yes, we need to rely on health professionals for advice and best practices. Yet, we need to entrust our lives to Christ. Have confidence our Faith gives us the strength to overcome the challenges confronting us today. And then we need to step back - stay centered and remind each other we belong to Christ.


The pandemic has changed so much of our daily lives for the time-being. But it has not changed our need to carry on as the St. James community, supporting our Catholic faith and ministries.


Here at St. James our vibrant ministries, faith formation and Catholic education have been severely disrupted by the pandemic. Limitations on weekend Mass participation have impacted our sense of community with a concurrent reduction of 25% in parish income.


Understandably, this has placed a tremendous strain on our ability to operate and maintain our parish facilities.


So, my friends today I humbly ask for your generous financial support. For those having reduced or suspended contributions to our parish please resume your ongoing support. For those having not been impacted by COVID-19 and are in a position to do so, I ask your consideration of increasing your support. And, for those presently unable to contribute, please pray for all of us and a future of vibrant liturgy, ministry and service to our Community of Faith.


I encourage you to go to peruse this website and review the various ways you can help support our Community of Faith.


One of the easiest ways to donate is to follow the Diocese of Sacramento link: .This will take you to “Support Your Parish”, a diocesan online giving platform providing parishioners of St. James the opportunity to contribute in lieu of the support you graciously give during the weekly offertory in Mass.


May God grant us a reprieve from this terrible illness through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Apostles, and through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. 

~YOUR generosity is appreciated~

Daily Masses

~Daily Masses are available LIVE on our YouTube channel at 7:00 am Monday-Friday and 8:00 am Saturdays~


August 01, 2020

Outdoor Masses begin 8/9/2020

After much planning and discussion the Liturgy Committee, Clergy and Staff are pleased to announce that starting on Sunday, August 9th, we will be celebrating two(2) Outside Masses on Sundays, English at 8am and Spanish at 9:30am every weekend. The Masses will be celebrated on the patio between the Memorial Center and the School (behind the mural of St. Francis). The following are the Procedures that need to be followed to make sure we are in compliance with the county and state. Register for Mass You must pre-register for Mass and the limit is 40 people per Mass. There is a Sign Up Genius link on our website: . You may also call the office at (530-756-3636) M-F, 8 am to 3pm for assistance. The deadline to sign up for the outside Masses is the Friday before the Mass at 2pm. Rules and Procedures We also ask you to follow these rules to keep everyone healthy: If you are sick, please stay home. Come 10-15 minutes early. You will need time to check in, have your temperature taken, use hand sanitizer, and be ushered to your seat. Use the bathroom at home before Mass. Bathrooms will be unavailable. If you need water during Mass, please bring your own. You may bring your own hand sanitizer and wipes, if you prefer. Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times. No gloves, please. Keep social distance of 6 feet at all times. Bishop Soto’s dispensation is still in place If you are not feeling well, or are not ready to come to Mass yet, you do not have to. We will continue to live stream and record Mass every day. Just visit the St. James website and click on the “youtube” link. Thank you for your patience and faithfulness. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office, 530-756-3636.

August 02, 2020

Saying Farewll to Fr. Andres

Dear St James Community,
All too soon, we must bid a fond farewell to Fr Andres. As the time draws near, more information will be forthcoming; however, due to the restrictions of physical distancing and gathering in large numbers, our usual celebratory potluck is not to be had. But, celebrate we will with "air" hugs and handshakes!

Fr Andres will be available to receive your good wishes on Saturday, August 22, at a "drive-up" location in front of the St James Memorial Center. A book with pictures and messages will be available to sign as well as a basket for those who would like to contribute to a monetary gift (Venmo and Zelle donations also accepted). You may also contact Claudia Marquez, Maria Saldana, or Rita Schupp to make other arrangements.

If you have pictures we can include in the book, please email or text/whatsapp photos to
     Rita Schupp,       text: 916-600-8475

 Claudia Marquez,      text/whatsapp:  530-220-2127

Our prayers, gratitude, and love go with Fr Andres as he begins a new journey.

August 02, 2020

Faith Formation UPDATED Information






Sacramental classes -

Preparation is two years with First Communion starting at 1st grade and Confirmation at 7th grade. 


Rite of Christian Initiation for Children starts at 3rd - 11th gr;

Children 7+ y/o that have not been baptized or have not received first Communion attend 1st year age appropriate class then 2nd year Sacramental prep class.


Any questions regarding Religious Ed email Josephine Mislang at or Alma Ponce at

August 02, 2020

Parish Office Closed

Update on St. James Parish Offices


The Parish Offices remain closed to the public at this time. In case of immediate needs we are available for things to be dropped off outside of the office. We also are available for phone calls and emails. Please see the website or bulletin for contact information. The mail is also being delivered daily.

Lord, bring us patience during this time of trial. Amen.

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Remembering Christ in Communion


The Source and Summit of our faith! – so said Vatican Council II in the first document issued, clearly a prominent proclamation.  Today, the universal Church stands in solidarity as it revisits its Traditions and waits.  While a long-standing practice in our Church, questions regarding the effectiveness or even legitimacy of Spiritual Communion emerge.  A good look at the origins of our faith surface as the best starting point to lead our understanding.  Jesus didn’t write anything when He established His Church.  He left it up to the Apostles and those who followed to sort things out.  So, what did the early liturgists determine regarding Eucharist?  Succinctly, it turns out that worthy reception of the Eucharist offers a spiritual benefit only to those who are properly disposed to receive it.  In other words, spiritual reception is more important than physical reception – we are talking far beyond the constraints of the things of earth.  Imagine the discussions regarding handling of Eucharistic crumbs leading to, “What does a mouse eat?”.  The fruit of the Eucharist lies in an ever-deepening union with the Holy Spirit uniting us to Christ in the Trinity - the overall point of our faith i.e. “Follow me”.  Just as Passover is celebrated as an act of “remembering” it is through the Eucharist (Thanksgiving) that Christ comes as our food and the memory of his passion resides in us at all times.  Whatever we do at prayer, work, reading scripture, charity, everything in our journey – we remember Jesus.  The intimacy of the spiritual life reaches its climax in the Eucharist, but is not restricted to it.  Rightly understood and practiced, spiritual communion outside of Mass is that moment when we receive the Holy Spirit in our souls, eating love in memory as we wait in solidarity with all Catholics constrained by pandemic illness, rural isolation, persecution, disasters or anything else, all waiting to receive consecrated bread and wine.  We wait, with patience.  We wait in hope.  We wait in trust.  We wait for Jesus as His Church always has.

Peace be with you.

Deacon Joe

St. Vincent De Paul Society Assistance Line: (530) 979-4338

For more information CLICK HERE

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A first-of-its-kind app for iOS and Android devices, myParish helps build stronger Catholic communities and better engage the New Evangelization.  A great resource for Parishioners to keep up to date with church events and notifications as well as prayers, readings, and reflections in their pocket at all times. 




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Diocesan News:

August 02, 2020

Dispensation from the Bishop

Bishop Soto has  granted a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday for those members of the Faithful who are sixty years of age and older as well as those suffering vulnerable health conditions. 

Due to new instructions provided by State and local public health officials, this decree is now extended to include all members of the Catholic Faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday.  This dispensation will continue until further notice.  

Decree of Dispensation English 

Decree of Dispensation Spanish

August 02, 2020

ICP Registration

The Diocese of Sacramento is joining those in Los Angeles, Fresno,  Orange, San Bernadino and San Diego in a program that brings compensation and justice to those who were sexually abused as minors by diocesan priests. All claims, regardless of how long ago they may have occurred, will be considered by the program. The ICP is independent, outside the control of any diocese. For more information, including how to submit a claim, please visit Let us always remember to pray for the victims of priest sexual abuse. As their pain is ongoing, so must our prayers for them be.

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